It was a thunderous spectacle, an electrifying event.  BCS went undefeated at King's! 

Of course, all of the other teams also went undefeated, as this was the first meet in memory that was stopped before it started due to thunderstorms.  WIAA rules forbid competition during such storms.

This was no surprise, as all week long the weather reports continued to predict significant thunderstorms due on Thursday afternoon.  In the write-up from our prior meet, the BCS Invite, one can read, As of May 1st, the weather report says, "Scattered thunderstorms developing in the afternoon," for our next meet on Thursday, May 4th at King's.

While other teams were sent to their busses to safely wait for a clearing in the storm, our bus was not on site, so the BCS team waited out the initial storm in the King's Track shack.

The meet, which was scheduled to begin at 4:15 PM, was called near 5:00PM, as a second round of thunderstorms neared Woolsey Stadium at King's High School in Shoreline.

Alas, the retrieval bus from BCS was misdirected to West Seattle Stadium and did not arrive at King's until near 7:00 PM.  Then the pizza arrived . . . just in time for the ride back to Clyde Hill.  It was a most memorable non-meet.

Breaking News!
The 2017 BCS Boys Track & Field team was just named WIAA Academic State Champions! 

State Academic Champs!

The sun shone on the second-nicest May day this year,

as our Vikings arrived at King's around 3:00 PM.

By the time the team began its warm-ups, overcast skies
had replaced the sunny blue ones.

Just before the official 4:15 PM start time of the meet,
the first distant thunderclaps were heard.

Field event athletes were beginning to warm up
when all were called to the King's covered stands.

The metal stands were deemed unsafe during
the electrical storm where multiple lightning
strikes touched down on the King's campus.

For their safety, athletes were sent
to their team busses.  With no bus
available, BCS athletes took to the
King's Track shack.

Once the meet was cancelled, our team retreated to the
Mike Martin Gym on the King's campus.

Surprised to learn that our bus had been mistakenly routed to West Seattle,
Coach Bennett made the right call . . . to Dominos Pizza.

The bus finally arrived, followed shortly by the pizza delivery driver.

Spirits remained high on the
pizza-fueled ride home.

Next up,
League Championships
at Fife
next Friday
and Saturday.